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Based out of Port Washington, WI & Winthorp Harbor, IL
Captain Lou Mayer and Captain Dave Mayer are experienced and licensed U.S. Coast Guard approved captains. We also furnish First Mates aboard each boat to allow your Captain more time to assure your enjoyment and success. You'll be fishing aboard on of our two deluxe sport fishing crafts. The Princess Marissa is a 35' Bertram. The Barbie Doll IV is a 38' Chris Craft Commander. Both are fully equipped with the latest and finest electronics. We also furnish the best fishing gear available.

Princess Marissa
35' Bertram
Captain Dave Mayer
Barbie Doll IV
38' Chris Craft Commander
Captain Lou Mayer
Memories for Everyone...
The thrills and memories of charter fishing is for everyone. Young or retired, male or female, it doesn't matter. The shock of a 20 pound King Salmon burning out over 250 yards of mono and all you can see is that big fin porpoising like a torpedo through the crystal blue water, and 15 to 20 minutes later the crew is cheering as that big trophy King is thrashing for survival in the landing net. This is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face. Click here to view some photos of our guest's catches.

Our Season...
Starts April 15th to the end of June with exciting Steelhead, Coho and Brown Trout. This is when these fish show up on the surface, spending more time dancing across the water than in the water once they are hooked. The Steelheads range in the size from 10-20 pounds. It's a thrill to catch one of these babys! From mid July thru August and September the King Salmon are at their trophy size up to 35 pounds. At this time of the year the fish are back in the shallow water. Click here for monthly details on what to expect to catch.

Corporate Clients...
Sport Fishing at Port Washington is just the place to sit back and relax together with business associates or customers. There might even be enough time to discuss business before that big trophy King interrupts everyone with excitement.

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